life – coolio كلمات اغنية

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intro: yo, i’m gonna talk to you about life for a minute (coolio)

verse 1: i’m going to a chain ’cause it ain’t the same
i remain no geak, life’s just to play the game
trying to brake this chain off my brain so i can gangsta change
swinging with your things out without a name
a stranger is too much too beat but i ain’t scared
i pray to god, hope he wont send me to the devils land
i hope that’s not in heaven, trying to get my stand out
hope my hopes and dreams dont burn in flames, but i’m aware
a life ain’t promised, trying to avoid the drama
and live up the expectations for my dear old mama
inside there’s also a fool, inside the court building
make a million maybe a billion we can save for our childeren
face to face we trying to escape that but it’s too late
so i grab the world and hope i dont have to wait, to get my strike
i’ve seen the life and all the pain and suffer
so i put my name in the book

chorus: life x4 (what life) that’s life life life (that’s life)

verse 2: ok now, here’s the situation
i was raised in a good nation and given a formal education
my brothers and me lived in a f-cked up area
where the innocent life is sh-tty, lot of grey steam, it’s a pitty
when you look over the steam you can miss me
go ahead and talk but if you diss me
they have to come and get me
they wanna pimp me from my sin
pretend they’re down but they’re against me
think i touch everyone’s heart untill it’s empty
take my chance as a possibility, no touchdown for a century
regreting me, feeling me, that’s why i’m waiting in the bushes
if i dont than i delicate this to all p-ss-es
put yourself in my position, you dont know what you listen
in these conditions most likely a body comes up missing
when the lights come off, when you run away like mice
than think twice if you dont hear your name from the book

chorus: life x4 (what life) that’s life life life (that’s life)

verse 3: can you handle friends, no my life is driving me insane
but i’m a man, so i remain steady, cought up in the game
make a deal with d-cky jane for a little change
run from your home, banging with your things out
tripping on everybody, cousin get your thing out, we’re ready to roll
when it comes to, show no fear when they hunt you
if you have to use gun foo, they ask for the one-two
everything but the kids n’sync, act quickly dont think
dont sink to the level then you gonna leave with the devil
be quick in the race and try to keep a straight face
and just when there’s a new song i feel like i dont belong in this place
hip hop is my profession, so i gotta keep on guessing
make it black and white lack another in my session
coming from the west, microphone is my blessing
so i’m testing, check it, i’m talking about life, that life

chorus x2: life x4 (what life) that’s life life life (that’s life)

outro: i’m just trying to live my life, you try to live your life
you want me to smack your face, give me my sp-ce
it’s all about style, i know you got style, life is all about it
nothing lives without life, my life, your life, coast to coast life

- coolio كلمات اغنية