16 bars – corey red كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: j*silas]
blaw! guess who’s back and transformed / victorious like joshua blowing the ram’s h*rn / god will crush this throng while i rush the door / mighty warrior swing a hammer with the thrust of thor / blood he met the floor from the cross that drips / pen hit the paper like the nails hit his wrists / you like what is this? the gospel dog / blind men see the light in the midst of fog / tear down the walls lord i’m ready to take this here / 16 bars of truth spit without the fear / rocksoul rocks souls from here to the romans dome or the colosseum praising my god a*m to p*m / you know j*e to the s*u*s / not mankind mankind lies in death / with the covers on baby cause he’s comfortable / closed that that casket’s full /

[verse 2: tre*z a.k.a. todd bangz]
i live the life of an urban pilgrim / dwelling amongst the grimiest shiestiest two*faced and some*timeiest / tryna make the light of christ obvious to a people cold and numb like frost*bitten fingertips / they tryna nullify what we testify till i look em square in the eye and tell em christ crucified / died like the rest of them / went to the lower parts / and grabbed up the best of men / put the wop ba*ba lu*bops on death and sin / freed the captives then resurrected again / on the third day / contrary to what men say / christ jesus is lord / savior / good shepherd and sensei / swinging a double*edged sword / if you die in sin you can’t come back like you lost the seventh dragon ball / the second coming’s gon’ be tragic for you disbelievers / jesus’ beef will sn*tch your wigs off like come on cletus /

[verse 3: r*swift]
approach mics to spit the fire of christ / so while you searching for the limelight trying to shine bright / my position is the frontline preaching life / quicker than a thief in the night my theme is christ / i walk the streets with a mission to fulfill the great commission through rhyme spitting / i spread the message of the crucifixion and how i live in / is the description of the sin*sickness but there’s deliverance / the rock of ages who rocked death to save us when we were locked in cages / spreading glorification / i spit rhymes to places to praise his name which is blameless / i use the mic to speak christ to whom the aim is / through salvation there’s life and all you gotta do is claim it / amen /

[verse 4: shai linne]
ayo you money hungry preachers better check yourself / yo what’s the deal with this gospel of health and wealth / all the blab*it grab*it / name*it claim*it trends / christ ain’t die so you could drive mercedes benz / so you could take your ends and placate your friends / the son of god was crucified to pay for sins / the sight i peeped on tv one night was deep / blind sheep tossing their loot beside your feet / your materialism has gone way too far / the world mocks you cause you’re more worldly than they are / we try to speak and do what’s righteous don’t care if you don’t like us / if john the baptist was here he’d a called you a brood of vipers / 1 timothy 6 makes it clear to me you’re teaching heresy / don’t get me wrong i ain’t tryna be no pharisee / all i’m saying is simply preach the word brethren / and let’s honor our lord by storing treasures up in heaven /

[verse 5: corey red]
the church says it’s love if i teach the blood and forgiveness / but label me thug if i curse saint nicholos / they tell me don’t say this don’t say that change your lyric / everybody’s a critic but i ain’t tryna hear it / in the ministry i always got the freedom to preach / but the industry always take my freedom of speech my freedom to teach / to me censorship is a leech / but life ain’t fair n0body cares / the mic i always split from the heart / spit from the heart nick from the heart / these beat and rhymes you only get from the heart / satan’s kingdom god’s wrath will soon tear it down / i make you laugh but shed the tears of a clown / you lame cats hug me then you diss me when i’m gone / but you same cats will miss me when i’m gone / corey red / i’m christian and i’m raw and when i die then you’ll realize you should of listened to me more /

- corey red كلمات اغنية