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changing minds since day one but now im going to do it foreal
verse 1
you mudaf-ckers think is funny to go around doing drugs messing up you life with thugs thinking you won’t give a sh-t when god pulls the plug sitting around complaining not changing your life contemplating
verse 2
now do i got your f-cking attetion now will you f-cking listen open up and it will be fine but what is it too you to be fine obvisly nothing you sit around and complain about sh-t that will never change and if you can change it you dont do sh-t about it but honesty who gives a sh-t about it obvisly you because you can’t live with out it if its not about your self its about some one else its constant negativty im not sitting in self pity but im not braging about 100 and 50’s eighter trying to get back at your parents by rising up the water meter you think you cool because you bent your girlfriend over and beat her you all have the same minds change the perception change the reception oh wait you in some inception what is that your reflection now you see what you really are but are you brave enough to get out of the cave that they put you in so that you would never see the real you again so hows it been realise what your living inyou gonna help and make everyone better or you gonna continue to be the proplem its up too you this isnt batman in harlem the reality is your only going to change if you really want too but if i hit you in the head gave you alittle knowlege of whats in store dont get board this is were it gets good would you change the world if you could its in your hands not in your wood

verse 2
verse 3
mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker mudaf-cker

- cortel كلمات اغنية