destruction of the void – count raven كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

oh you wonderful people
i need you all today
i reveal myself to you
if that is okay

in my minds eye i see people they are not free
in my world i’m living in i feel no harmony…

started out & raised a little family
i was happy for a while
sadness struck i realised eventually
you’re the family that makes me smile

i need you & you need us.
together we break free
there’s no other way to go
to feel the federaly

listen people i had a vision
help me before i go paranoid
search your souls & help me in this descision
a total destruction of the void

my heart is an unfinished galaxy of dreams
before i go i want to know just what this life means

- count raven كلمات اغنية