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featuring do or die


keep on takin me high so high
if they say we fly we fly
(who dat?) freakin do or die
(who dat?) comin from the side

verse 1:

bring in the business shut em down cause their raw
makin you feel us who are realest crew
lay in the ruins do you wanna get chewed up?
shut em down one round when the crew is up

dont pop(1 2) combination get a swift violation
put it on my nation, hit em high, low, murder is the flow
we can throw down in the middle we can clown

to all my homies locked down
you know i got the crown
im gonna pop em and drop em in two shots
just slippin and dippin, are you slippin and trippin?
mother f-cker we dont care who drives, whos block
we got a ride home, you better save your mother f-ckin (?)
never know what the f-ck to do or die to you
85 empiezo(spanish for “i enter”)

trigger wake on yo face
in your face demonstrate
suckers never know we ever get together (?)
chop it up like gold take another gig gotta step back
comin like lunatics

a.k. we both with tha scope
and any mother f-cker run up and get smoked
and any mother f-ckers run up and get choked
comin from the hood and we aint no joke

verse 2:

chump representation comin from the shy
tell me whats the deal with, tryin to catch your feel
thats real, lets feel the illness
i can see the world in the business, we live for thrillness
we still can steal this, let em get the never deal this game
and put some (?) on yo name
cause people cause the rain
tryin to get (?) live off your veins
keep blowin, flowin, growin now you floating like an airplane
flying threw the sky some know we po pimpin and freakin wit do or die
keep mind, ignorin, in the canist they want a ride

if they say we high we high

they say you bogus, take out the locusts, cant hardly keep my focus
mentally i be the dopest, n-gg-, they can step in sight, im a six shot rifle
so now tonight i take flight, ahh keep it hot like viper, so fly

i know you thinkin we two zones, not two, blowed, in the mold, gone
but ya’ll wrong, all we do is fly, we show flow, now still frontin on,
keepin strokin on from the home of the c-h-i-c-a-g-o do or die and crucial on
the airplane, represent, for the same thang frontin, that we claim, the
bounce bang
ring slang to the picture, should i wreck shop? airplane on the get up, what?

you cant stop but you can get out the truck, you wanna be down?
be down while we stay up, droppin bombs bout to blow up
so now you must hold up on the airway you dazed, in the face, woman crazed,
got the craving, fastway, sache’, airtight, take a flight off hay

and then comin up like airplanes


verse 3:

westside hoodlum, spit side toy, rhinestone, playboy from illinois
shot killa, raw dilla nilla, f-ckin p-ssy like filla, pop nilla just move
like godzilla
stilla, filla, feel her, gorilla

check em out out cause you know im about skrilla
reel em out from the shrine im a killa, for rilla
gotta set em down like a pillar, d double o, r, b, i, illa
crucial conflict we be ridin high, do or die keep head to the sky
belo – zero gonna get me by, keep on gettin me high so high

hindin house, p.d., like i (?) your momma, i’m a really game like they ride us
have em harm ya, screaming step on your arm yeah
do or die and crucial conflicts tryin to accomplish in all this here drama
kilo! what it be like belo? let em know by celo, on the d-low
we get so high, worldwide universally where we go
we know dough when the dough n-gg- roll i,
double a in the l when i fly, b-e-l-o in the flick i
be gettin high, gettin high, gettin high

now we gonna take you on an airplane ride


- crucial conflict كلمات اغنية