chains – crushead كلمات اغنية

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i came to a point in my life
where i didn’t know a way out
i thought about suicide
but the people thought i was ok
i made them believe i was taking the sensible way.
to the outside i was living in a thrill
in reality i couldn`t even use my skills
and i opened the bible (and) took the message out
i taught about something above

you break the chains (you break)

careful he broke my somnabulism
and saved me from spiritual starvation
i didn`t know what went on in my dubious mind
so i went on my kness to ask the question why
said lord here iam naked and weak
why did you rescue me and made my way straight
and through the book of love he said
that he loves us more than anything in the world

when you`re face down
and your bodie`s too weak to move
just remember there`s someone above
to break the chains of the sin away from you
come on let`s break the chains

you break the chains (you break)…

- crushead كلمات اغنية