fly away – crushead كلمات اغنية

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i never thought
that this could happen
you changed my live so seriously i got no chance
to turn back to my bad world again
you catched my heart for eternity
i took your hand on my own risk
i lost control and went with you
and now i´m standing here went from past to the future
the h-ll lies to my feet
it´s not a dream it´s true

fly away flying away i´m flying away
can´t you see i never thought to change my live anymore
i´m flying away h-llo good times i´m here

your love has washed my fears away my anger´s left alone
i drift into another sp-ce
never seen before
you gave me wings and made me fly
to freedom love and peace
and this is not the end
it´s a new beginning
oh please don´t let me fall
this is paradise on earth

- crushead كلمات اغنية