open face surgery – cultus sanguine كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i’ve learned to control my thoughts
ever since i recognized the first eavesdropper:
those who listen in on my thoughts,
my logic, my sanity

i cannot let them know i don’t know
the verses, or converse in my head:
lash out at future foes,
banter with friends i’ve not yet met

the psychoaggressive minions of
your lord mock with laugher i can’t hear,
with hidden scowls they admonish me

nothing’s sacred, nothing’s safe:
your filthy god is omnipresent,
this undying nonent-ty that haunts
my every waking dream

they watch me, his mortal flock,
they know me now by sight alone:
my thoughts are too well concealed…
yet i sense more scrutiny

fleeting lucidity’s too loud for me,
let me be my silent self:
our existences irreconciled

make them stop! i’m rotting fast…
the answer, painful though it may be,
is change

alter my outer sh-ll…
the listener’s may not, then, know it’s me
open face surgery: short of pain
and long on masquerade
ounce by ounce, lose a little weight
nip here, tuck there… so who needs eyelids?

- cultus sanguine كلمات اغنية