1 luv (extended clip) – curren$y & harry fraud كلمات اغنية

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[intro: curren$y]
i don’t know what kind of dr. frankenstein sh*t happened
(east side all mine just like every time)

[verse 1: curren$y]
when the credits roll and it’s known who did what
you’ll see my name lit up, big as f*ck
acknowledgement for a lot of sh*t
punchlines the critics didn’t get
metaphors that they didn’t dig
award shows we were never invited to sit
red carpet photoshoots we never got a chance to rip
ever since i ever been wrote east side on my sh*t
gotta represent anywhere i ever went
trunk on my chevy made it clear, candy painted
dedicated to my time ’cause i love it here
oh, this my year, everybody say the same thing
only a few put effort forth to prove true what they claim
i’m one of them, mayne, strongest link in the chain
me and my little bro do business plans of champagne
television money hit a little different
check for two episodes bought me five bentley’s

[verse 2: curren$y]
television money hit a n*gga little different
check for two episodes bought me five bentley’s
hopped up out that motherf*cker smoking like a chimney
hopped up out that motherf*cker lit up like christmas
hopped up out that motherf*cker attracting the b*tches
it was unintentional really baby, i was just living
i can’t help it if she fell for me ’cause i was chillin’
while n*ggas stumble over one another tryna get with
i was thinking digits, always thinking bigger
lemonade and liquor get it goin’ quicker
swimming at the studio, one love, mac miller
[interlude: cordae]
can i, uh… let me hop on this joint, bro

[verse 3: cordae]
yeah, alright
we some professional world travelers, rich bachelors
plots to move back to africa, peep the vernacular
not a word wasted, every sentence is sacred
though it’s hard to be creative when you live in the matrix
cinnamons jaded, private life but n*ggas invaded
the benefits fading, f*ck fame but benjamins cravin’
need more, work harder, you bleed more
malibu property right by the seashore
we just rent it out, airbnb it, collect the profits
this is not rap, boy, i’m here to drop knowledge
this hip hop sh*t brought me to the top college
speak to the students at harvard n*gga, i’m honored
summa cum laude how i graduated
school of hard knocks, she infatuated
every move calculated
invested in stock, not a dollar wasted
far fetched dreaming, same night is crazy
d*mn ain’t god amazing?
private jets, no stress, boy i must confess
stay aligned on this path, continue my quest
bad b*tch, five star dinners, the menu is s*x
every time we touch the stage, the venue is blessed

- curreny harry fraud كلمات اغنية