whats stoppin ( whats poppin remix) – cyph  e كلمات اغنية

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whats stoppin
all new style just dropping
stay away when this just bombs in
am rocking
all these b*tches just bossin
i hate hatred just like martin
foes be fiery when i get those bars in

k!ll everybody and feel like skrillex
complex for em when its really simplest

fear the pen you just need to gundown
want battle ? imma take you one round
i be writing sick and they be just mumblin
everytime i think im just done now

street evolved and you hate that missionary
write ma own , and i dont use a dictionary
lyrically visionary! hate your captionary vocabulary

maybе you friend but i don believе it
had to edit that list many were deleted
shove that fake loyalty, we never cheated
gased em up got the scene up heated

be a part or just dont induldge
or be just be another one i kindled
got my bars sick tripled
i ain’t now going on those beginners
you scared to be holy but proud to sin
imma take on rappers without loosin
out to rule cause im out to win
its a hyundai reign like a tucson (yeah)

got no fight in them still they be g’ymmers
motto stan allon like of sylvester’s
reve*rs* they go , rehearsin low
jack em up k!lla beat like harlow

i am sure you dont wanna have a race time
like dont waste time step in the track and its game time ! all just so same type , i take a track out and in time they do it like eight times

two faced morons , i never met a gangsta !
they be forming units just to rock on insta
they call me buck like am the f*ckin minister
bombing em like dave i mean batista

some people call it a scary obsession
more on the grind less on the stressin
i may have or i can still die for this
but these n*ggas can die justo get attention

whos rulin?
the one whos really shootin
just putin every truth in
not loosin
my o8’ fresh type cruisin
west type fury, next time choosy
ten times tuney, gun rhyme bully
whats beauty?
roadside dogs be snoopy!
this years like a whole movie!
being choosey!
i got the bars like lucy
act like they didn’t knew me
cause they can’t bare this new me

- cyph e كلمات اغنية