fishin wit fred – da yoopers كلمات اغنية

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1. 20 yoopers in a pontoon boat
driven by my buddy mike
we’re fishin out on the basin
for alligator walleye pike
emil brought his tv
and routies beagle fred
he’s too old to drive a rabbit
so he comes fishin with us instead
we got lawn chairs a poker table
an ice cold keg of beer
we’re loaded down with so much stuff
mike can hardly steer
20 yoopers in a pontoon boat
fishin for moby d-ck
da wife she thinks i’m working
& da boss he thinks i’m sick
it’s a perfect day for fishin
drinking beer and telling lies
its a little bit like heaven
when you’re fishin wit da guys
2. mooch is showing dirty shirt
the proper way to cast
he snags ole no neck by da ear
of course n-body laughs
dabbers grilling venison steaks
da flames are three feet high
his fishing hat is smoldering
but it keeps away da flies
mungos on his fifteenth beer
he’s standing by da keg
he don’t know fred da beagle
is going on his leg
(repeat chorus)
3. a winnebagos bobbing by
it looks like noah’s ark
its full of terrorists from ohio
fishing for freshwater shark
they say some fool forgot da plug
their boat sank like a rock
so they launched da winnebago
it beats fishin from da dock
so we all run up front to look
and da pontoon starts to sink
everybody but fred da beagle
ends up in the drink
(repeat chorus)

- da yoopers كلمات اغنية