the seventh daemonarch – daemonarch كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

arisen by a silver sword
that lost its battle shine
as i walk into the gate
i left that world behind

my father awakes me with his calls
rotten, vile, human pride
knowing better than i
with my arrival the earth shall die

the legions scream, that was a day
my swords fell on them a thousand times
i was dealt with by fire
and with fire i shall depart

left in the deep, my soul will
always breath and feel in the deep

arisen in my father’s womb
life sustain me for his might
flames are flames, they are to hurt
flames still flames, they are to hurt

no one can ever imagine
his flames embrace all earth and sky
but you are drowning in fire
through our invisible hearts

i am immortal
i cannot die
so heed me, father
your heart is mine

tears run down my closed eyes
and all that fire burning inside
the pierced tears add time for soul
i shall await for the next to go

goodbye my soul has given to you
and the strong shall be weak
the blood of my world
awaits in your grace

hear me my beloved son
i cannot teach you
any further

a new aeon
has begun
you’re the next to
rise, the earth’s son

- daemonarch كلمات اغنية