“dead syriaous” (war on words) – dagger$ كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: dagger$]
underworld worker, underestimated//
tongue wresting pros, i’m here for the undertaking//
stone cold stunner, will be engraved in//
a n-gga tombstone, yo, let me rephrase this//
started from the rock bottom, on some drake sh-t//
unemployed worker, look at what i’m facing//
a big -ss joint rolled, stress i can’t take it//
i’m so outta touch, with a screen application//
i done practiced patience, to the point it’s second nature//
i ain’t losing sleep, my bed been made up//
while i’m out here, say the hustler’s prayer//
it’s my birthday, but it ain’t, belated//
icing these flows, the booth escaped-ed//
inciting riots, no points of exclamation//
hate from all angles, obtuse, adjacent//
a war on words, sign the declaration//

[hook: dagger$]
i, declare, a war with words!//(ugh!)
so, let, me go and bomb first!//(ugh!)
scatting with my raps!//(repeat)

[verse 2: dagger$]
f-ck with me, you know i’m plotting//
a million in counting, a hired accountant, a lawyer who’s a quarter italian//
high off contact, no pounding, off the chain, no medallion //
off the brain, and the noggin, high like cavemen in mountains//
wit trippy sticks and rock solid, that’s hot boy sh-t, spark the fire!//
i f-cks wit skee cuz he copping, i gotta stretch all my dollars//
ninety-six impala, on my wall, i don’t got it//
yes sir attorneys private, como nike foamposites//
bazooka bubble gum artist, you can’t hit a moving target//
ya body of work embalming, bury it, where’s the coffin?//
wit roses and hatchets tossed in, a chairman, you just stalling//
a fair man, you just token, i’m sick with this yeah, atrocious//
too modest to say i’m boasting, i’m da dirty needle poked in//
arms, with veins showing, meaning, that i’m the dopest!//
from here on (heroin), let that sh-t soak in, dear jon, dear jon, yeah i’m wanted//
dead or alive with a m-th-f-cking conscience!//

[hook: dagger$]

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