blind to the truth – dan fogelberg كلمات اغنية

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in the overcrowded cities
where the nights are bright as day
you spend your weekly paycheck
and turn your eyes away
from the crisis we’ve created
with our self-indulgent ways
living like there’s no tomorrow
well that just might be the case.
now they’re tearing down the forests
in the jungles of brazil
without a second thought about
the species that they kill
but extinction is forever
and still the forests fall
and push it ever closer to
extinction for us all.
but you’re so blind to the truth
blind to the truth
and you can’t see nothin’
you’re so blind to the truth
blind to the truth
but the judgement day is coming.
now the politicians bicker
on the early evening news
pledging their allegiance
to whoever they can use
and the corporate bosses snicker
as they watch the profits soar
they don’t care what they make next month
just as long as it is more.
the take our farms and marshlands
drive nature to the wall
just so they can build another
godd-mn shopping mall
and it doesn’t seem to matter
if we cannot see the stars
just as long as they can keep
on building obsolescent cars
’cause they’re so…
(repeat chorus)
now you cannot drink the water
and you cannot breathe the air
the sky is ripping open and you
still don’t seem to care
the soil is tired and toxic
and unable to provide
the clock is running out and
there is nowhere left to hid.
now there’s laws that we must live by
and they’re not the laws of man
can’t you see the shadow
that moves across this land
the future is upon us
and there’s so much we must do
and you know i can’t ignore it
and, my friend, neither can you
unless you’re…
(repeat chorus)

- dan fogelberg كلمات اغنية