with the flaming shades of fall – dark tranquillity كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

as false as our minds our eyes refuse to see
they claw for the falseness in me
from where all life springs anew
we are cleansed through the crystal fire

fill me with sound, fill me with hatred
let my life bring life to the soil
the soil beneath my feet

messenger of pain sailing silence
commander of my sorrow riding rage

infinity is eternal – never born so it may never die
colours speak my name
through the crowns i am baptised in the
first gnawing rays from a blackened sun
in the name of my blood i curse thee
shelter me under the trees
spread your twilight wings
my broken body is dripping with sin

your skin so delicate
your undemanding bliss will carry me far

i bid farewell to this godforsaken land
nevermore shall i return
i join with the riders on the horizon
for they are my blood!
for they are my saviours!

they bring me hatred, bring me fire
they take me down to the land i know not
then crush me – take me down
then they build me once more again

slayer of my anger sailing silence
the angel of my l-st
she is tasting shame

- dark tranquillity كلمات اغنية