falling – de vision كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

since the day i met you
since my prayers reached you
i know that you’re the only one

and i’ll never curse you
all the lows i’ve been through
make me sure that i have won

when i look into your eyes
i can always see them smile
when i listen to your words
and i feel they do not hurt
i always want to be the one
to talk to you and have fun

in love with you

then you take my heart
lead me to your land
let me feel your charme
hold me in your arms
well i can’t escape
and i feel no hate
i suppose i do
things you want me to

time is running fast
leaves me in the past
poison in my veins
makes me squirm with pain
can’t you save me now
though i don’t know how
can’t you make me feel
all my wounds you heal


when i look into your eyes

- de vision كلمات اغنية