16 bullets – dead boyfriend كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

this house is yours, mine, and theirs, it’s unsaid
you are here, so i move to the very next state
and i’ve done many things that i regret
it makes me think that i deserve 16 bullets to the head

1 for making friends
(2!) for taking up chess
(3!) for wanting a place to hide

i have a hard time pretending that you’re still here
cause a hologram is better than the real thing
you wake up, i’m not there, a sigh of rеlief and you disappear
it’s alright, i’ll stay in my bed

(4!) for wanting sp*cе
(5!) for saying hate
(6!) for having a head that is bigger than this
(7!) for sleeping in
(8!) for hating gin
(9!) for all the electroshock therapy

16 bullets to the head

(10!) for liking men
(11!) from the government
(12!) for dyeing my hair
(13!) for not wanting to share
(14!) for picking my nails
(15!) for all the white lies
(16!) for having a head and a heart and two eyes
16 bullets to the head

- dead boyfriend كلمات اغنية