19-20 turn – deadpan كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
the sky broke different behind the line of fifty*six crows flying
pinkish clouds, cold cinnamon sands
vibrant expanse, still living as dim as a rose dying
saw a river overflowing life and i would float by it
pr*cking invisible hands, woke up shivering and chose silence
i was nineteen, to*do lists of blanks and ampersands
lost hope i had to go find it
back to the pitch*black current, searching this, that
blurry old spiral, in the cold nosediving
italicized rehearsal lines, unscripted bold crying
this isn’t spitting perfect verses, it’s vigilant post*rhyming
baby brother’s a grown man
dirt piling on, i’m digging deep
not giving up sh*t, growing invincible and old climbing

gonna climb ‘til i can’t
gonna climb ‘til i can’t

[verse 2]
sit on the ledge, not the peak
distance ahead measures different with my head up
instead i watch my feet
mistral winds under my legs swinging, not a breeze
deliberate breaths
if this cliff is the end, at least i got to see the top
now watch me die trying to reach my joie de vivre
the sky broke different, i felt the faintest light
decided to fight, make a living instead of take a life
the sky broke different, i felt the faintest light
end of the dimmest nights, the time was mine to take and save my life
i saved my life
i saved

- deadpan كلمات اغنية