36 bars – dean g (n-e meanz) كلمات اغنية

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hey, look
yo check the soundcloud chart statistics
you’re getting crushed like a jar of biscuits
grey skies done a line of figures
and climbing digits
we’re going through the roof like father christmas
i’ve seen harsher blizzards than you’ve been through
and i’ve had to swim through lava rivers
you rappers stand out in a crowd of misfits
it’s like a gold medal in the downs olympics
i get dirty like farmer diggers, yo
the mind deeper than the wide pacific
this a rhyming clinic
i go through trash like garbage pickers
when the ground is littered i’m all out
when i’m scribing lyrics
i describe an image that can be seen by the blind of vision, yeah
you get fried like thighs of chicken
full beard like i’m on an al qaeda mission, yeah
i spit bible scriptures
that imprint rhymes on the minds of listeners, you know dah
i’m on ya head like barber clippers
them shots fly open like trouser zippers, yeah
i put it down like carpet fitters
i’ll rip anybody like piranha fishes
my design is different
i see more ch*nks in your armor than chinese army pictures
i’m, yeah… peperami vicious
you’re… softer than barbie slippers
so, start it up like car ignitions
and it’s fine i’ll rip it like parking tickets, yo
we all target hitters
my aim’s sharp as scissors
you get fried like banana fritters
our robbing leave you naked like party strippers
and you won’t say sh*t like minds of mimics, nah
i’m from a jungle like wide gorillas
with these k’s and 9’s i’m barking sniffers, nah
we’ll hit your head with the llama tilted
and put your brains on the wall like hieroglyphics

- dean g n e meanz كلمات اغنية