evil live – deathwork كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

born in the earth bowels
evil constant to spread
grow the seed that choking
cannot clean up the filth
a senseless m-ss of destruction
sacrificed to the denied gods
the dawn of a new birth of confusion
drown another revolution in blood


the ways of evil are endless
his victims will never stop
remains abused of sufferings felt
and of bleeding truths don’t know
on the skin the signs of misery
fill of hate your eyes
the cries heartbreaking of agony
until the end of lifetime

evil live
the rise of a darkest might
evil live
evil never dies
evil live
awaked to the core
evil live
kill without control

[solo luigi]

inside the mouth of madness
trapped by the evil p-ssion
universe of infinity darkness
fallen in a primordial regression
deranged minds rules this earth
poisoned by violent thoughts
the dissacration of inner self
forever and more so much

evil live!

- deathwork كلمات اغنية