afraid of change – debil كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

trying, so sick of trying to find a reason
to say that it is all fine
look at me, see my world is dying
and i am fading

nothing is right (it’s not right)
inside my perfect world (my perfect world)
soon i’ll be closing my eyes (closing)
within these confines (my eyes)

i’m trying to change (try to change)
this person i am (the one i am)
but to open my eyes (open)
this world i must stabilize (my eyes)

crying, i’m tired of crying all alone
oh, the skies, i think they’ll explode
curse this world with never-ending fire
tired of raining…



closing my eyes…
open my eyes…


- debil كلمات اغنية