32 lines – dedlee كلمات اغنية

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dedlee, the kid from the pines, i got thirty*two lines
to demonstrate i wreck minds with my rhymes
now those who haven’t heard of me, stand by
you’ll soon understand my credentials and my modus operandi
i don’t settle for second best
it’s never more evident when i get to rock the public address
’cause they’re coming for my rhyme, not my torso
so i skip the floorshow, that way i concentrate on my raw flow
and they get to see an mc in full flight
veins are poppin’ out my neck as i start to recite
even the kids that wanna battle are loving me
i leave ’em with their eyes wide open just like jane on recovery
no matter what they keep listenin’
i’m not into leather, but i can tell ya i’m a master of this discipline
i used to think that, “this is too hard”
but now i’m proud to be part of melbourne hip*hop’s avant*garde
we got the sickest mcs and djs around, breaking new ground
nowadays local releases are found
but buyer beware, there’s some half**rs*d vinyl out there
they press up any type of cr*p, they don’t care
but if the records got an ns then it’s 100% guaranteed
by prowl’s, jase, dedlee, mc. que and menace
remember tellin’ it like it is?
can you believe it’s been five years and it’s all come to this?
now you can see who the people with all the talent are
i give you the works, you know the pasta and the salad bar
i know some kids who think they’re some type of sh*t
but whatever they did they gotta know they’re not of my calibre
it’s not a matter of if but when
i return to quote what i wrote with my pen
you know i’m coming back, but until then
“my demo’s more deadly when you play it again”
“don’t get me upset, b, i’m deadly”
“what could you do to this?”
“don’t get me upset, b, i’m deadly”
“your end is near”
“don’t get me upset, b, i’m deadly”
“what could you do to this?”
“don’t get me upset, b, i’m deadly”
“your end is ne—near”

- dedlee كلمات اغنية