horsemen of the apocalypse – defiler كلمات اغنية

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my soul is the eye of the storm. their battered faces
tell stories of better places, because the scars i bear
will make you want to turn and run forever. now, h-ll is
real. i know because i tore it down. we made a deal, but
he didnt hold his end of the bargain. theres a heaven,
too. i know because they threw me out, and i was burned
by my demons on the way down. look around at the p-wns,
they never had a chance at survival. everything i’ve
endured is the reason i’m alive and well. they failed
because they are pr-ne to the feeling of guilt. whereas i
have taken lives and laughed at their rotting, lifeless
expressions. the few like me, the same side of the rusted
coin, will be the ones to put an end to your misery. we
are the hors-m-n of the apocalypse, if you wont serve us,
serve the last of the growing green. this is far from a
threat, but a promise. help us help you win the battle
and be rewarded. but if you try to cast your own shadow,
face the wrath of the regulators.

- defiler كلمات اغنية