i accept defeat – defying control كلمات اغنية

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i accept defeat
and i suffer because i think i’m weak
i regret i didn’t have an answer
for all the times it was needed

there’s so much to do to change this
i got to win back my self esteem
without it we are nothing
so i gave up being a coward

and i wonder wonder why
these thoughts don’t let me sleep at night
a million voices in my head
telling me i have the strength r.
to carry on and go ahead
but i need to find
the confidence within
but inside it’s hard to find
so the voices come at night

i accept defeat
for all the times i was beaten
i’ll get back up on my feet
temporary losses make me stronger

there’s nothing i regret more
then going down without a fight
thoughts won’t let me sleep at night
i may lose battles but i’ll win the war


so listen to me
i will accept defeat
on february the thirtieth…

- defying control كلمات اغنية