1 min convo(m.v.p) – del royce كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
cold sinner
hid my feels from the truth
made my soul bitter
we know how that go
its either love or its slow
going through my faze
yea i’m about to explode
let me tell you about it

you gone remember me
10 toes down yea
can’t you see
i got the recipe
stir it in the pot like

nah i ain’t really for the spot light
i’m just tryna get mine can you give me some time yea
time plus money
add it up bet you’ll see what’s funny

had to hop in my bag n*gga
can’t show love so they calling me that n*gga
cuz i ain’t beneficial
problem child but my mom so official
yea got to give her the world uh
but i can’t give her my word uh
so in love with this fast money
speed bump
losing ties like subtract from me
don’t got time for the bullsh*t
friends turn foe get you hit with a full clip
its only right that i’m heartless
you gone remember me
you gone remember me

- del royce كلمات اغنية