outcome of my choice – demise كلمات اغنية

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impurity of the mind, numbness
decision not made, reflections
good or evil? fight or surrender?
direction follows which will go my shape
p-ssing over. unimportant events
reaching for the heart
of the problem hesitation is quite sure
which side to take, which way to go
one decision, problem
confusion, necessary suffering or happiness
the point i’m surely stuck at
will i stay here forever
everything is the outcome of my choice
the pain i’ll feel, the pain i’ll cause
shall i think about myself or others too?
i’ll find out, that’s for sure
if my decision turns out to be wrong
emptiness around me, nothing can be seen
everything is the outcome of my choice
i could have escaped that, do a different thing
make another decision, not the wrong one

- demise كلمات اغنية