sweet lorraine – devil doll كلمات اغنية

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she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,
the girls would talk about her as she turned her back,
the boys would follow her all down the hall,
but she’d keep a smile on, not let it bother her at all.

sweet lorraine, just the mention of your name
sweet lorraine, can raise the sun and stop the rain
sweet lorraine, the skys have never been so blue
sweet lorraine (2x)

she knew one day that she would leave this town,
it never felt like home each time she looked around,
she packed her bags to go follow her dreams,
to open up a store to sell her beautiful things.


sweet lorraine, how could this happen to you?
sweet lorraine, after all that you’ve been through.
sweet lorraine, when there’s nothing left to do.
sweet lorraine, just turn the page and start all over

one day lorraine, you’ll look into the mirror
and see the things that everyone else sees so clear,
and may that smile stay upon your face
and may your dreams come true for all the rest of your days.


- devil doll كلمات اغنية