become the change – die young كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

the flames of youth most often burn blind and brief
our days are ours to seize until we’re faced with reality
then we feel the hammer fall
it’s impact we cannot deny
can’t you hear the m-sses call:
“get back in line, get back in line!”?

do you sense the heels of power casting shadows over you?
has that dread consumed your youth?
what is “free will” if we have only one choice between two evils?

time has a way of bludgeoning the hope in our hearts
we learn to settle for less even though we long for more
and there, in the twilight of youth, alone with all your failures,
will it suffice to say “i make no difference anyway”?

for us to achieve change we must move beyond the self
and become that change ourselves
become the change yourself!

- die young كلمات اغنية