1 take pt. 2 – diego money كلمات اغنية

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ice, ice, ice
huh, yeah, ayy, yeah (d*mn)
polo boy shawty, jugg boy shawty (mexiko)
get*money shawty (dro), tote a glock 40 (bow)
young diego money, man, freestyle sh*t, man (diego)
1 take, part 2 (go, go)

when i step out, b*tch you know it’s a movie (movie)
all these racks on me, make these hoes wanna choose me (d*mn)
ice*water diamonds (ice), jump out the jacuzzi (water)
baby pop a pill and she say she feelin’ groovy
i got what you want, n*gga, i got what you need (what?)
i know n*ggas with crack, i know n*ggas with that weed (i do)
workin’ off the block, got my watch on freeze (watch)
did it with my pops, ’cause these n*ggas police (for real)
n*ggas sneak*dissin’, bеst believe wе leave ya missin’ (bow)
b*tch, i’m on a money mission (cash), in the kitchen workin’ with the dishes
cup full of drank (drank), codeine, that’s what i’m sippin’ (lean)
tell me what you want, n*gga, i can get it, we can ship it (huh?)
i got sharp shooters (bow), long d*ck, hit you long*distance (bow)
workin’ everyday, day by day, tryna get a million (everyday, man)
got yo’ b*tch watchin’ and she say she like me (ice)
put that d*ck on her, make sure she remember me (yuh)
look up at my chain, yeah that costs a couple g’s (my chain)
pull up in yo’ block, it’s some sh*t you’ve never seen (what’s that?)
icewater gang, yeah b*tch, you know the team (icewater gang)
oak cliff, texas, glendale, that’s what i bleed (diego money)

- diego money كلمات اغنية