100 band shawty (remix) – diego money كلمات اغنية

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diego, yeah, duwop the money man
the million air tellaband, lets get this money
yeah, okay

[verse 1: diego money]
hundred band shawty, i’m a young boss, so much ice around my neck they call me jack frost
hundred band n*gga, just spent the 30, i’m a clean n*gga, but my money dirty
i be getting money, with my young n*ggas, n*gga check my stats b*tch i ball like the clippers
we got big guns, bullets look like missiles, big diamonds on my arm same size’s nickles
new maserati, foreign vehicle, brand new chain, look like isical, li*lil duwop, i been on the block (oh yеah)
tell me what you need, i still servе the rocks, in the sunny weather, i’mma drop the top
n*gga what you smoking? a*a*1 crop
b*tch giving sloppy toppy, money in the stash box, i’m a walking jackpot, high as a sky box
ducky so icey, n*ggas don’t like me, feeling almighty, balling like scooty (pimpin’!)
shades on my face, no i don’t see n0body, rings on my fingers look they playing hocky
sipping on that drink, you know my cup muddy, i love drinking lean codeine is my buddy
all these n*ggas hate me, all these b*tches love me (deigo), but i don’t love these b*tches, i only love the money
smoking on some double got the whole spot funky, got it from afghanistan lean in my soda can
trying to get the bando’s, watch me hit my money dance, cooler than a ceiling fan, call me duwop ice man

[verse 2: lil yachty]
n*gga check the clock, new wristw*tch

- diego money كلمات اغنية