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better believer – dierks bentley lyrics

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[verse 1]
life is seen more clearly through our tears
cause we all find some faith
when we face our fears
when my life’s goin like i want
god becomes an after thought
and i start trying to build my heaven here

a better believer would look to the skies
and shout “hallelujah” with tears in his eyes
open his heart and start givin it all away
when i take a hard look at myself
and count my blessings i can’t but help
but wonder if there’s been some kind of mistake
this life of mine should belong to a better believer

[verse 2]
all we really need in life is love
and in my time i’ve had more than enough
but some days i’m not satisfied
it happens to me all the time
i look around instead of looking up


with all i’ve got to be thankful for
i should be doing so much more
i know


- dierks bentley كلمات اغنية