moon sign – di$txrt كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i might be helpless
i think i’m weak
i know you there
to show me the right path

sailor moon

spotting the moon, the stars in which you possess
the way you do impress me
seeing the stars
knowing that i should be
moon sign
rising sign
the ones that make up me
i have the key
i know the way i should be
feelin this breeze
feelin this flow
you know the way i go

long time ago
i knew you would show me
everything i need to know
you know you helped
you know you saved me
you know you cared for me
you were the one
i’ve only just begun
not even close to done

im gonna spend all my time knowing myself
even if i spend all night

just to finally understand
who i am

who i am

- ditxrt كلمات اغنية