101st song – docman كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]

i’m going to levels i knew

sacrificing the typical tryna reach level 2

finding it hard to love when i got so much to do

finding my heart my stuck on a past that never grew

i think about everything going on

you getting married just going through all the motions

is it real please tell me just how you feel

we can do this thing together forever that be the deal

feel it beating there gotta be a reason

that when i hit up you hit me right back
i know you solid a true love to believe in

that’s why i had to slide and watch you cuddle with that

but i believe in god gotta plan for me

to help me find a true love start a family

so maybe at your wedding day before you say i do

i do believe you know you ain’t where you wanna be


is right here with me

spinning the block

making em see

that we gone make it x2

[verse 2]

our time past i know it

just wanna let you know i appreciate all the moments

you kept me on my toes transforming me to a poet

writing down that potent content bout you favorite thing to do

i swear i know that you care yeah

even with someone else i be the one you would think about

too much of your time you gave to me from yah life

to be forgotten so easily gotta k!ll me twice

beef and makeup a million times
after that convo with yah moms i seen a sign

that this will never work but i forced it loving blind

should’ve just should’ve just should’ve just

packed my thing never come back to you

if i see you campus chunk duces to yah

but kim is my mama she ain’t raise no quitta

so imma go back get my n*gga


is right here with me

spinning the block

making em see

that we gone make it x2

- docman كلمات اغنية