300% gangsta – doctor penez كلمات اغنية

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all units, all units, we have a certified gangsta in the vicinity!

b*tch my name is spelled like p*n*s, i’m so high i crashed on venus
3 watches, i need 3 wrists, puff puff puff, yeah i take 3 hits
i’m a baller, i’m a player, i’m a f*cking og
300% gangsta, b*tch i’m doctor penez

when i rob stores, my discounts, a hundred percent off
but when i’m not committing felonies, i’m hugging my grandma
cuz if there’s one thing i am, its a drippin’ player that’s committed
like a stylish set of bedsheets, you know penez is always fitted

when i’m drinking don’t go thinking i’m a loser with no hoes
cuz when sh*t gets lit we got a 9 to 1 hoe ratio
my body counts over 6 thousand not including all my murders
but to avoid legal trouble i won’t go any further

all the fans go crazy when i step up to the mic
but i can’t freestyle for sh*t cuz these pills make it hard to rhyme
cuz i’m raw and rough its all or nothing no one knows which way i’m running
from the 12 or from my mother all we know is penez is bumpin’

democratic, never sad and, all my shootaz automatic
like a tv my brains static, when i’m rapping i’m emphatic
my nickname is fat d*ck, doin magic, i do hat tricks
pulled a rabbit out a nowhere, how the f*ck did that just happen
i practice western medicine so i never need to poach
i’m h*lla stingy so i smoke the filter and the roach
h*lla hoes and rolls and bowls and i don’t know just where i’m goin’
took way too many f*ckin tabs and now i feel like i am floatin’

just robbed my little cousin as a joke cuz i’m a pranksta
b*tch i’m doctor penez and i’m 300% gangsta

- doctor penez كلمات اغنية