creepypasta – doodle boyz كلمات اغنية

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[scarecrow: verse]
i tryna put out all the flame of my memories
i tried forget all my past, cut myself into slice
i don’t have a price from advice to a person who tries to suicide just tonight
i shackled you for yourself, ghosts from the chain gain the pain
when i die i’ll want to reborn again just to feel the same pain again, just to paint the walls into red again

[nextton: hook]
{mind my words} x3

[nextton: verse]
when i ain’t gon’ be around
when you’ll hear from somone that i died
(that i died just tonight)
you can be so down
you’re gon cry out loud
my funeral ain’t gon’ be overcrowd
my tamper flared now

[nextton: chorus]
i took what i wanted
i took drugs in my friend’s garden
(i ain’t comin’)
i ain’t comin’ home (tonight)
i wrote my girl, – ‘ i’m comin’ ‘
she’s ignored it
it seems like she doesn’t love me

- doodle boyz كلمات اغنية