30 seconds – dopamine كلمات اغنية

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which way do we go from here to make sure we’re alright
which lines do we choose to use to make sure we don’t die
exhale another breath is wasted on you
still you breathe it in for one last time
do you feel every time that we are left
on our own that we’ll end up fighting
why should i contemplate if i left you alone that it would be a mistake?
will i ever get away from what’s inside your mind
if we had it again would it help if we were friends?
it’s harder without you
which lie would be best abused? i’m still waiting for your call
did i deserve this from you or did you want something more?
would your heart lead the way instead of your mind?
if we had it again would it help if we were friend?
it’s harder without you
i’m moving on
i’m taking my things
i’m leaving you

- dopamine كلمات اغنية