13 moons – drekalo كلمات اغنية

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wow what a beautiful planet but there is one thing i know is there is 13 moons, 13 isn’t exactly a lucky f*cking number now is it?
ah so you bring me to this f*cking planet and there is 13 moons and we all know what 13 means ugh why? why would you do this to me?

your little buddy jesus he learned the hard way by judas, the 13th disciple he betrayed that son of a b*tch!
there is nothing that you can do or i can do that could save him. but here is where i’m at i got to fight this b*tch with 13 moons?!?

well you know that’s not the only thing i’m thinking about, i’m thinking about how 13 is considered a curse, you know this can’t be a coincidence that i’m hеre standing on this planet

13 moons of tsaio
everyonе knows that 13 means death, they took me and brought me to my trap
i think i can do it, this planet is so f*cking cool

(xyans) we’re almost there crotch, i’m with you!

i am not scared of anything
because in the end if i die at least i’m done and if i succeed? well at least i did something. you know what? i don’t know what i’m gonna do but i know i’m not scared. this radius f*cking creature has no hold on me. i mean i don’t allow anyone to control me, there is no religion no belief system, the number 13 can take it and shove that sh*t cause i’m crotch and i’m here

13 moons of tsaio

oh wait what’s that?

(xyans) that’s her!

ugh it looks like a giant cl*t, ah that’s f*cking gross man

(xyans) focus crotch
you mean to tell me that’s what i got to fight? i don’t want her touching me

(xyans) well it is a mental fight

oh it is a mental fight! i’m a mental case this b*tch don’t stand a chance, i think i can smell her from here

- drekalo كلمات اغنية