black jeep – dresden dolls كلمات اغنية

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i’ve been driving around town
with my head spinning around
everywhere i look, i see
a ’96 jeep cherokee
you’re a bully and a clown
you made me cry and put me down
after all that i’ve been through,
you’d think i‘d hate the sight of you

but with every jeep i see
my broken heart still skips a beat
i guess it’s just my stupid luck
that all of boston drives the same black f-cking truck

it could be him, or am i tripping
and i’m crashing into everything, i‘m
thinking about skipping town awhile
until these cars go out of style

i tried to see it in reverse
it makes the situation hundreds of times worse
when i wonder if it makes you want to cry
every time you see a light blue volvo driving by,

so don’t tell me if you’re off to see the world
i know you won’t get very far
don’t tell me if you’ve got another girl, baby, just
tell me if you get another car

it could be him, or am i tripping
it could be him

the number of them is insane
every exit’s an ex-boyfriend memory lane
every major street’s a minor heart attack—
i see a red jeep and i want to paint it black!

it could be him, or am i tripping
and i’m crashing into everything, i
can’t wait til you trade the d-mn thing in
by then, they will have put me in the loony bin,

it could be him, my heart is pounding
it’s just no use, i’m surrounded
but one day i’ll steal your car and switch the gears
and drive that cherokee straight up its trail of tears

- dresden dolls كلمات اغنية