145 bpm in tmk – drewezzy homie كلمات اغنية

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shaitan is paigon same character with the ones that they got him (uwii)
that b*tch be talking breaze , but a shot konyagi got her down on my knees (uhuu)
boko skreet that’s where man be at , becareful when you pull up in dese ends ( uhuu)
sh*t ain’t smooth right down in these f*cking ends (sh*t)
she was asking me for coke like i was the f*cking plug (like what)
never wanted to take advantage , if i would’ve hooked her up (nah)
she was finna sniff it on dis trees god*mn (s*xo)
4 sim cards right on me got the feds lookin suspicious (sh*t)
from slavеry and colonialism i don’t think things can get darker than that (don nah)
if kap got down one knee protеsting on our own interests but some valued more the dollars sign from their owner more than their people’s suffering (shame)
it’s worth it to get judge by g.o.d but not these p*ssy n*ggas (sh*t)
in via via that’s where pretty little white girls
get turned into pretty little white wh0res (sh*t)
mandhem can’t get quarantined how dem man finna eat (no sh*t)
my n*ggas pushing weight and they doing it with pride (uwuu)
am so passionate for dis b*tch that’s why i cannot shleep (no shleep)
it’s ultimate legacy that n*gga i crave not being constantly relevant (no sh*t)
my music expresses me for who i am inside not what you finna hear from dem gossip (for real
man too skraight for that broad that’s why she turned into lesbian ( too skraight)
feels like yesterday out in em fields with dem acres (sh*t)
but we still fighting for our rights , like we ain’t supposed to have em (uwuu)
am savage like 21 and she like riri , none em can ruin our love (no sh*t)
birds in the nest used doves , out in the trap dey turned into marabous (sh*t)
they hate us in ot and say issa hustle when white man be doing it (shame)
it can never be s*x when she charging you for it (sh*t)
dey call us terrorists just because dem man we muslims (shame)

- drewezzy homie كلمات اغنية