1304 (prod. drilltime zani) – drowngod كلمات اغنية

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n*ggas know i rap clean
crack lean
all you n*ggas act mean
trap king
i got n*ggas trafficking
i came out da south, ask about… 86*3
i got n*ggas that’ll stain ya
all the way from jersey
half a pound from cali
coming in for half the price
sack it up and sell it
triple profit overnight
i just did my time in county
man i rolled the dice
i went in to prove to n*ggas
i ain’t nothing nice
i went in i proved i dont go down
without a fight
y’all ain’t finna slide
because y’all know i’ll do it twice
pick it up and get it buck
the pump or it’s a knife
i never ever gave a f*ck
and i won’t start tonight

n*ggas cappin, yup
they say my name like they my family
if you see me do not dap me up
kuz yall not fam to me
chattin sh*t but you can’t catch me up
you not a man to me
thеy ain’t think i’d make it out the cell
but look thе man is free
three twelve fortyfour thirteen, o four
three twelve fortyfour thirteen, o four
come around and slide up on me
show you what im known for
young n*ggas ready drop a body for me
oh lord
three twelve fortyfour thirteen, o four
three twelve fortyfour thirteen, o four
you dont wanna know the story
n*ggas they dont know more
take em out the back out in the dark
behind the dope store

ridin up i stuff a hunnid rounds
inside of one clip
talkin to them crackers
like you tough we finna bust sh*t
go ahead and tell the ops
i do this sh*t for fun b*tch
swamp n*ggas
kickin down the doors in your apartment
slide up on them n*ggas
like a snapchat story
i ain’t never been a p*ssy
like im c section born
now he and him be on my d*ck
because they secretly adore me
koldboi i keep the yopper bustin
soundin like a storm
3 12 44 13 04
i looked back and i smiled in them handcuffs
3 12 44 13 04
young n*gga koldboi
never ever gave a f*ck

- drowngod كلمات اغنية