10 rap commandments – e.l كلمات اغنية

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aah aah ahh ahha aaah
yeah i like this
you know
my mic sounds nice
lets go
ole okay charley
make them who get ears dem make dem hear

make you chill up relax charley get yourself a
make i talk am plain plain
you nor for read between the lines
you dey like me nor dey like me
charley i go free my mind’
first of all no where cool for this industry we
every body get him hussling one or the other
only hard work dey reward we all we dey
we all feel the weather and get wet up on a
rainy day
and it’s a shame
dem wey people think say every body cool
plus every body do
this game is a very bl**dy pool’
competition na your type for the kids to
but all the experience a man with vision higher
every song i drop i pray to the lord let it be
this is not a diss record let me be perfectly
this pidgin sef i dey rap gma go come i go
dey last
like if i fit talk for everybody go feel bad
every day underground cats they come around
studio begging
for answers to their questions
or for showers and blessings
here’s a lesson
when i was small was hip hop i was repping
but then i had to sell out
before i started selling
cos your talent nor be nothing
talent nor be say you dey house dey hold your
dey think say you suppose to hit
spend your whole day with some bogus n*gga
drinking smoking splips
make i give you a couple tips
get a pen note this sh*t
first of all get a style wey n0body see before
be original head to toe to the flow
be the boss
set your own trends do something make
everybody come
know say originality e nor be choice e be your
number 2
have a crew wey dem go fit die for you
somebody wey fit help you see what be lie
what be true
know for long have your back forever and the
vibe be cool
for be your loyal type of dude who go fit help
you plan your moves
number 3 dont overspeed
you for plan every step
it’s okay to make mistakes but you for learn
from your regrets
e go hit for just a couple seasons if you move
too fast but you for move steady with your
team if you want to last
number 4 dem say money be the root of all
but in the music biz money be the root for
more people
if you shine sef money go make you look and
sound legit
that be the reason talent nor dey the
number 5 stay humble nor the people you for
when the money dey appear you for know the
people you for sort
make you pet and show love to everybody you
go cross
some go hate and some go love you my paddy
e nor be force
number 6 understand you nor be normal you
be brand
so mind the way you talk your slangs the way
you put your pix for instagram
the way you walk your swags your shoulder
know dey place wey you for come
for the brand the man charley all dey influence
your fans
number 7 composition the word be
people act like they are friends but they’re
currently on a mission
make you nor slack never hold back you for
nor where dema throats are
k!ll or be k!lled make them know that they are
no match for your vocals
number 8 you for know seasons come and
seasons go
your rap career never become it gets warm and
it gets cold
sometimes you for just relax make somebody
get the shine
make dem miss your ass a little then you
come back redefined
number 9 okay fine we all we get one na mind
one reason why we’re stars is because we all
wanna shine
so we grind for the money cars cribs and fancy
for the future will be blind save some money
on the side
number 10 baba god wey ee give this to me so
ee nor be lie when i say n0body’s better than
e. l
we can decree if you repping b. b. and c
because your favourite rapper just a pair of
silicon d
and as a list of principles wey them nor go
teach you in school
if you pay attention and apply these rules
you’ll be cool
big upto my fellow artist when you see me
dont be shy
make you holla you go see say e. l. i be
coolest guy
big up to radio tv internet and press support
big up to the groupies who wan chop me and
my fans of all
most of all big ups to the haters charley i dey
keep on hating god dey watch you through a pair of fresh weban

- e l كلمات اغنية