time to party – e-type كلمات اغنية

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you know it’s t-flex
and murf pon di turf
baby girl!
mi seh a party time eno
yeah. so mi waa fi see di girls dem step out and jump up an ting
weh wi tell dem girls seh?

time to party, party once more
shake that booty on the dance floor
girl from you know your body hardcore
rewind pull it up and gimme back a encore

verse 1:
do dat again cau mi neva see da one deh
a you a mash up di place every monday
yuh dainty, a you every man waa see
yuh treat yuh body right, yuh nuh tuff like donkey
shake yuh body and mash up di place yeah
vibrate jiggy-jiggy like crazy
sitten fat, every man waa fi lace e
a you mek shaggy sing hey s-xy lady

verse 2:
pull it up girl wheel and come again
a you mek di place full a excitement
everybody just a gi compliments
when yuh rock, when yuh dip, when yuh shake, when yuh bend
gal yuh body good a hundred percent
any contest yuh enta yuh affi win
hype if yuh waa cau a you a set di trend
gal…yuh body ever blazin’

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