heartillery – e.v. rose كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
this is heavy artillery, i’m killing thee
really i’m like billy with the rhymes
clubbing and spearing players i get away without doing the time
got a milli on my mind and my mind on a milli
but most of y’all fake getting cake like vanilli
make the earth shake chile, feel me?
can’t relate?
mess around with what’s at stake and wind up being dead last philly
my style’s big willie and i ain’t even been to the city
everywhere we go crowd’s chanting e.v. rose
you’re w-lly-nilly anywhere the wind blows
chicks turn to hoes swifter than t sells out her shows
i’ma let you finish
but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time
first gatorade these b-tches i’ma quench your thirst
but i prefer high quality h2o instead of contaminated hoes
bobby boucher, touchee
i may look like mac but i’m wise like lupe fiasco
it’s insane rap’s receding today
i’m the answer at the top, rogaine, toupee

i shoot it straight from the heart
aiming for they heads and they caps
painting with their blood is my art
know that you feeling me, know that you feeling me
[verse two]
keep my gun c-cked and loaded for any sucka rolling with a motive
key in my automotive, n-body can flow with
my skills like motor, your skills like way below it, you slow
you belong on tv shows like maury povich
while he’s like “congratulations you ain’t the father” yet you still h-lla degenerate, irrelevant
i’m getting my horses, my portia’s like ellen degeneres
your friends mess with this so now you’re on the fence
whether or not you should hop off or on my d-ck or remain p-ssed
oooh he got burned but i guess it’s a regular occurrence for a rapper that’s got no flow
yet p-sses through current, short circuit
frayed nerves, cause your fable’s turned into your worst nightmares
you scared? i’m like bl–dy mary conjured
i look in the mirror and see an urban legend
cause my skills king and yours are peasant
my tables turned, i chop and dice these beats like an iron chef
braising the beef, saving the grease, salt and bay leaves
my stock simmering over the top, can’t lower the heat

- e v rose كلمات اغنية