session 08 – early november كلمات اغنية

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(well the next few years were probably the slowest,
most uncomfortable years of my life.
i mean, they tried to make it easy
but they gave up pretty quickly.
and i’m not gonna lie,
i didn’t make it easy on them either.
i could just never forgive them.
you know.
but i’m the kinda person who believes everything happens for a reason.
i’m kinda glad that i was so miserable counting down the days till i was 18,
ya know, so i could leave.
cause the way it worked for me,
it was this one day where i was in the right place
at the right time.
now i’m not the type of person to just go get what i want.
i usually wait for it to casually come to me.
something hit me that day like a ton of bricks.
i know it sounds cheesy,
but i fell in love.
and that’s what kept me there for the next few years.
i would’ve run away if it wasn’t for her.)

well it was just the same as any day
i was looking to run far from the school
and i was at the door ready to go
when i heard some books h-t the floor
so then i stopped,
jaw dropped,
i said,
this must be love
cause when i pulled myself together
you were already gone
i screamed wait a minute,
listen to the voice in my head
it said,
kid you better run
cause she’s getting away with it

(so i chased after her,
running down the hallways.
running up to her and grabbed her arm.
actually just stood there frozen,
didn’t know what to say to her.
i think she kinda felt the same thing so it worked out.
i felt like i had a reason to finally be happy,
you know.
she would be the first person in my life who was completely honest with me.
i had a reason to trust.
when i was with her it just felt like my problems with my parents didn’t seem to big anymore.
oh well, i just didn’t care about them.)

- early november كلمات اغنية