1:23 am (o.t.t.a.m) – eden2g كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

im not the one to talk about b*tches and hoes
ima explain my life with nothing but flows
tell you my deepest secrets
tell you sh*t only god knows
so here i go
my mind grows
cause i listen to every word
and every verb
nouns, adjectives, and adverbs
cause i try to find the answer
to k!ll and find the cure to cancer
whether its medically
or mentally
if its mentally
then it helps to drink some hennessey
don’t believе me then take a swig for mе
see how you feel after
probably spill the beans
and k!ll your lungs with laughter
is the cure to cancer
actually paying for the pastor
i’m sorry if that offends
but questioning is part of my usual standards
the way i see it the more you think
the more you realize
the real lies
like when you die
when you hear the cries
our grief and sorrow in our eyes
and the homies turn in to the cheer up guys
cause someone’s death turns into a sickness
my only true friends are the only witness
the dead facial structures and keeping away from fitness
my vocab is nothing but experience
i was born in h.p
and moved to compton
they broke into our house on daily basis
and nothing would stop them
ghetto bird in the air every night
the glocks were popping
and to top it
after we moved back
the room where i slept at got hit by a cadillac
its something i shouldn’t trip on
but living in the struggle is something that gets me p*ssed off
sure we try to see the positive side
and make jokes about it to actually hide
what i feel inside
i feel like i’m under pressure
to take my family to a whole another measure
feeling like rap ain’t fun no more
its my only way to find the treasure
its like i got so many feelings
so many open cuts and none of them are healing
so to relieve the pain
i smoke a blunt
get high like there ain’t no ceilings
shoutout to all the ones supporting and showing love
thanks for the shoutouts i can’t thank yall enough
yall know who you are
took the time to support and put aside all the important stuff
yall are the ones i’ll remember if i ever end up popping up
and these are my thoughts at 1:23 the am
is when i’m hardly seen
because i sleep all day
because its hard to be
thee e*r*n*i*e
that’s why roll as eden with two personalities
they be like “two personalities?”
that ain’t true
then why the f*ck you asking me
you stupid fool
some people are ignorant and playing stupid
i be playing like i got hit by cupid
but i got to stop
cause i got a girl
that’s one person i ain’t planning on losing
even though every week its like we plan to lose it
screaming and fighting
thinking that its useless
but i realize i love you girl
you’re just really clueless
you’re just really clueless

- eden2g كلمات اغنية