100% (i am) – eight passengers كلمات اغنية

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the one who created all that we see
one day will destroy all we want to be
he showed his mercy hanging on the cross
justice will reign throughout all of the earth
his providence guides the world’s every move
he is the sovereign ruler of all life
the king of kings became the least of all
humbled himself to serve his creation

one hundred pеrcent

he creatеd all we know and see
he has no restraints or boundaries
no one can tell god where to do or go
what to create or what he can destroy
he is and always will be god
it just makes sense to say his name out loud
i am who i am, making me nothing
because only one can be everything

i did not create anything myself
i did not bring myself to existence
and i did not know my preexistence
i am nothing without god’s breath of life
i never was until god said i was
therefore god is i am and i am not
there can only be one i am existing
it is yahweh the creator of all
escaping egypt into the mountain
watching his father in laws heard of sheep
approached a burning bush and watching it burn
moses shook as the bush began to speak
remove your sandals, this is holy ground
i want to use you to save my people
don’t doubt your ability to speak truth
i can use you because i am yahweh

god proclaimed to moses that he was god
the god of his father’s the great i am
by himself alone heaven he stands
the king of kings showed the pharaoh his place
no other name has the power to tame
the most vicious rulers who have nothing
but the power given to them by god alone
he taught a lesson never to forget

not to enslave his people in egypt
he lead them from slavery to freedom
god brought them home to the place he had made
the israelites loved and hated him
a people full of suffering and pain
in the hands of protection of i am
nothing to worry them, following him
no hope was left for the chosen people
falling victim to sin dying alone
a loving god saw he needs to step in
he sent his only son jesus to earth
through the virgin birth came the son of man
he was born to die as a sacrifice
save the people chanting to watch him die
my god my god he breathed his last breath

the great i am seemed to be i was
but not long after three days in the tomb
the tomb rolled away to reveal god’s plan
the lamb of god gone for he had risen
defeating death in his robes of glory
the son of man proved he was the i am
brought forth the truth so he could call us home
in his glory we’ll spend eternity

if all of this is true
and he is who he states
then process of elimination
and logic dictates
i am not

- eight passengers كلمات اغنية