silver ladle – eileen rose كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

oh can you hear me?
am i moving in my own way?
faith is a cradle
then the wind blows
and the bough breaks

i’m hard at work breeding devils
a martyr, oh, do that real good
i harbor jealous angels
bound in glamor to my wrist

time is a cruel thing
it’s a cold rain on a slow day
fate like a flower
’til the wheel turns and the veil fades

the forest grows violet rivers
the dead fall throws back our laughter
tomorrow taps my shoulder
add a memory to my list

oh, mother help me
you were singing
i was dreaming
hope plays a banjo
is a bell shape
does you real good

i found her own reckless ocean
i found her own golden shadow
i found her silver ladle
holding water to my lips
golden water to my lips

- eileen rose كلمات اغنية