beyond – elegy كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

don’t you worry he won’t be back here anymore

try a little harder go as far as you can go
a state of tolerance something which you’ll never know

the mind has a way of playing games and twisting your reality
you’re hooked like a fish and deep inside lies the pain

he’s longing for reality no more abnormality

so sad to say you’re no one’s child reflection is a part of you
an’ come what may your nations wild are killing you

more and more like a drug you’re longing for who’s it for
for pity sake, god knows who

nowhere to turn too no one here that wants you
stay far away now way beyond normality
no one to talk too, talkin’ cannot help you stay far away now
you’ve stepped beyond reality

where limitations have no place the more extreme the more you do
you most certainly won’t stand a chance of pulling through

- elegy كلمات اغنية