shine – eligh كلمات اغنية

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when the doubt seeps in, stranded in the deep end
find it difficult to breathe in
what is left of me inside, feels like it’s been nullified
well your fortune ain’t told so you live it
can’t escape fate, might as well just admit it
is it what you thought it would be like
you don’t have to tell me twice
deep in the ether nebulous vast cannot undo the mistakes of the past
and i’ve lost my way ay ay
in the face of the unknown, i wanna run home
st-tches coming unsewn, wish i wasn’t so grown
it’s shaking my faith ay ay
the presence of this luminescence as it pervades my every atom
peace of mind and all the answers, wish i could say that i had ’em
a sense of fathom what it’s like when i’m gone
all i ask is that you let your light shine on, shine on
i see the lights gonna follow me
(all i ask is that you let your light shine on, shine on)
i need it right on my destiny
(all i ask is that you let your light shine on)
i see the lights gonna follow me
i need it right on my destiny
black wings upon my back
stacks sit upon the table with a finger pointed back towards the planet that i came
at the gate locked out, don’t want to be the one to get the light blocked out
(poltergeist) walked back, had the fight plopped out of his body born again
and screaming “not again but this’ll be the last time out”
the battlefield is raging on but we the ones that quench the thirst
of those who lookin’ for some peace of mind among the drought
music is the blade that sharpens daily chopping heads of demons
hatred, take it and turn it into love and spread it to the crowd
the light houses my body and mind
i know my place upon this earth and i’m the one to make it shine
i yearn for the sunshine and that lights divine
it’s my turn this lifetime it ends on my sign
so learn i must, it’s my last chance to make do
fight or fuss, no time for bullsh-t, i’m through
got to stay true, cause there is no part two
in this lifetime i beg for your light to shine through
i’m on my knees begging please to come through
who me? you know i light the skies up
it’s all cream of the crop, go on rise up
can’t see it, player open your eyes up
i’m just being myself now i’m twice as much
i got the nicest touch
don’t say i ain’t the grouch no more, better wisen up
get down and dirty i’m earthy man
i’m wordy and i’m worthy
spittin’ real sh-t to make sure that ya’ll heard me
gimmicks don’t connect the people
and i ain’t trying to reach no sheeple
ya’ll know the language, and we slang it
g&e, k-flay, everyday bang it
must have learned it in a past life
you want a journey, here’s a flashlight

- eligh كلمات اغنية