whispers in a shot glass – elway كلمات اغنية

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sit down if it suits you, darling.
pour yourself a drink.
because nothing gets you down when you’re too drunk to think.

i’ve got a two ton iron weight that weighs heavy on my spine.
i’d love to toss it on this table.
but now is not the time.

it’s too late to dream, boys.
she’s already gone.
i’ve got nothing left but pain and grief.
so throw a record on.
and we’ll sing until the sun comes up.
and we’ll dance until we crash.
until our sorrows are just whispers in a shot gl-ss.

sit down, sing me a song, girl.
tell me how you feel.
because we’ve been wearing these f-cking goofy smiles
and we both know they’re not real.

maybe you could ease me of this pain.
i’d pluck the th-rns right from your spine.
if i had the guts i think i have when i’m drunk,
then i’d try to make you mine.

- elway كلمات اغنية